Black, White, And Everything In Between


I finally decided on what to do with my long wavy hair — I had a haircut! Originally, I was planning to have it permed, but I thought that it would take a lot of time to maintain it, and I’m not kikay enough to do that, so I just had it cut. Au revoir ”mermaid/surfer” hair!

I really like this white top I got from an IG shop (I can’t find it anymore 😦 ). It’s easy to play around with. Just accessorize it and voila! it looks cute already! I’m sorry I don’t have full body shots because I’m not so confident with my legs (they look buff EVEN with black pants). I was wearing black pants and black pumps, so just imagine that.

The white top alone looks chic and even a bit conservative but it’s kinda backless, and I love it for that. I got the leather jacket as a gift from Juju, and I swear it’s my favorite jacket since forever. I can practically wear it with anything!

The bag is from Trunkshow, another one of my faves. While doing this shoot, I thought it wouldn’t really match my outfit, but I found out that my necklace has an orange buckle so I guess it’s okay? haha!


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