The Destination Asia Tour 2013: Dave Elkins in Manila (11.16.13)

In 2009, Katy Perry had a concert here in Manila and it just so happened that her opening act was Mae. Though I’m a self-proclaimed Mae fan, I actually missed it. It was a heartbreaking experience for me, and I vowed to never miss another Mae concert/gig ever again. But they went on an indefinite hiatus which made it all the more unbearable for me.

Fortunately, Dave Elkins, Mae’s vocalist, decided to have an Asia Tour this year, and one of his destinations was (spoiler alert!) Manila! I wouldn’t have been aware of that if it weren’t for my co-fans, so I’m really glad they told me about it.


It was a small solo concert held at Hard Rock Cafe in Makati (the only Hard Rock Cafe in the country that I know of, actually). He literally played alone. He toured with his wife, though. She was there the whole time he played.


I didn’t know the difference between the VIP seats and the regular seats. I couldn’t imagine what the VIP seats would look like prior to the concert. Apparently, VIP seats meant we had a table plus a free drink. The regular seats actually meant you did not have seats. It’s either you stand the whole time or sit on the floor. Not getting the VIP seats was good enough since there was a big space in the middle where you can sit and still be nearer to the stage than the ones in the VIP seats. But we bought the VIP tickets so yay for free beer!


I literally fan-girled when I saw him. Before the concert started, everyone could just approach him and have a picture taken with him. All the other fans before me had a conversation with him before their friends took their picture, and it made me wonder, what the hell am I going to tell him? I didn’t know how these people could actually talk about something seemingly deep with Dave when they’ve never really met him. So it made me nervous lol When it was my turn, I just said “Hi, My name is Celina,” and he introduced himself as if he needed to lol “and I’m just really happy you’re here!” Talk about being calm.



He was really great on stage. I’ve never actually seen any of his performances live (even the ones on youtube). I liked how the venue made it an intimate show. He was hilarious, too. There was a point where he called some people on stage and made them play with him. He called themselves “The Isaws” — the night before the show, he tried eating isaw or chicken intestines on a stick.

Since we recently just had the strongest typhoon hit us, the whole production thought it would be best to make the most out of the show. They let Dave take requests from the audience and the audience could make a request by donating to Yolanda victims. The show lasted for more than 2 hours, I think? It was a really long show — too long for a solo concert, or even a normal concert. There were songs that he couldn’t play alone, but it was really amazing how he still tried to play them. I could sense that Dave was really tired and thirsty. Good thing he had unlimited tea (yeah he had tea up in the stage with him).

After the concert, he still had this album (or whatever you have with you) signing. I didn’t get to buy his new album so I made him sign my phone case. It was the only thing I had that could be signed.

I saw a few friends from college and high school that day. Mae’s songs go way back, and it seems so apt how some of my friends from the old days (lol) were there, listening to the soundtrack of our teenage years. This was one of the moments this year when I felt truly blessed and happy. Right now, I really wish Mae would get back together and make more beautiful songs.

Sorry for the crappy quality of the photos

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