Binondo x Intramuros II

We stayed for a few minutes in Dong Bei since we were too full to move. We decided to postpone our trip to the noodle place to a later date since there wasn’t any room for more food in our tummies. I was so paralysed by eating too much that I just wanted to sleep then and there — my perpetual state lol. But we had to keep moving. We went back to the plaza, that place where you can find the Binondo church, and looked for a calesa. We asked the coachman (is that correct? Lol I’m sorry I don’t know what you call them) if he could bring us to Intramuros. We had no idea how far Intramuros was from where we were but we just had to ride the calesa because, well.. just because. Lol We were really happy that it was a bit far from Binondo since it prolonged the calesa experience. We only paid 150 php for the ride!


Manila is still beautiful. Well, if you know where to look.


That’s manong driver, flashing his winning smile.


The only place we went to was Fort Santiago. We’ve all been there, yeah. I like how they were able to keep the whole place clean. It’s just so sad that only a small portion was preserved. There are super cool-looking calesas inside so I guess riding them would have been worth it if the place were a lot bigger. (Not that riding in one of those isn’t worth it. Haha)




As you all know, Fort Santiago is a popular place for photoshoots simply because it’s the nearest (old) european-looking place in the city (if i’m not mistaken. Vigan is 8 hours away). It just doesn’t seem like you’re in the Philippines when you’re there. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. The only thing that would remind you that you are still in the Philippines, aside from the people around you, is the reason for its preservation — it’s part of Philippine history. And no matter how sick and tired you are of hearing about it, our history will remain fascinating. You can never know enough. I learned that at a very late stage in my student life. I’ve always hated Philippine History until I was lucky enough to have this certain history professor in college. There are so many interesting things to learn about our past that most high school teachers do not teach.



Old and New Manila.



I really love how Hispanic-looking the Philippines was.














This is the amphitheater. I was supposed pose, but I didn’t know how. Lol That okay?


It’s good to know that people still take care of Fort Santiago, though, in some areas, you can see marks written on walls by people who visit, and can I just say how sad it is that someone actually left a mark saying “I was here”. If you’re gonna vandalise on something historically important, might as well make it creative. Anyway, I hope the people who are maintaining the site would take care of that. Haha


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