The Fort Adventure

I didn’t have plans for today so I decided to try BGC’s Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour. They have tours every weekend from 4pm to 10pm for only 25 php. I was lucky enough to ride for free probably because they had a promo or something. I was planning to take pictures during the tour, and I did, but, unfortunately, it’s not the type of tour where you can go down and walk around the sites. Actually, you can, but since they’re following a tight schedule, you have to wait for another bus to come pick you up. I did not want to do that for all the stops since that meant I had to wait for 10 buses or so so I stayed inside the bus instead. All of the pictures you will be seeing here are from my walking adventure. It was such a tiring thing to do, but that’s how adventures are.

The first destination was, of course, High Street since I had to buy a ticket for the bus tour there. There were a lot of people (right, it’s a Sunday) so it sorta felt awkward going around and taking pictures… alone. Haha but It was also very therapeutic. Though I was alone, I didn’t feel lonely. What I like about High Street is that there’s always something new. There’s always something.

They also had this mini version of The Lover’s Bridge in Paris, you know, the bridge where you can see padlocks that are supposed to symbolize love.



You can also write cheesy stuff on sticky notes and post them on the board beside that padlocks thing.

I waited for the bus for about 30 minutes, and I did not want to waste the sun so while waiting, I took more pictures. One of the ladies who were also waiting for the bus was already getting impatient since the bus took forever (exaggeration). The guy who was handing out tour flyers got so defensive that he got into a small argument with the lady. When the lady and her friends left (I don’t think they were really interested), the guy approached me and started ranting about the lady. Haha



I was so sure I’d bump into someone I know in High Street, which was a bit weird at that time because I felt like a tourist lol but seriously, try to concentrate on the idea that you’re going on a tour just to take pictures. Forget the fact that you always go to that place. You have a mission. I guess I was so into it. Haha True enough, I bumped into my officemate, Romi, who was also planning to try the bus tour.


After the tour, I went back to just walking around, looking for something interesting to take pictures of.





Though I’ve always loved taking pictures while the sun is still up (perfect lighting) or while it’s setting, I was excited for night time because the lights are pretty especially against the dark sky. I had too much of High Street so I walked towards Net Lima, that building where Wildflour, Tokyo Tokyo, Daude are, and found out that the Strip is deserted on Sundays. Haha It’s creepy, especially when you’re used to how it looks on Friday/Saturday nights. It reminded me of this episode of Are You Afraid Of The Dark where this boy found this abandoned place that turns into a club/bar full of people from the 50’s at night. Very Twilight Zone-ish.






That side of BGC was kinda ‘dead’ at that time, so I decided to explore other places such as Serendra and Market! Market! In Serendra, I saw a really cute patisserie. I think it’s called Gourmandise Patisserie. Check out the pretty wall:


Last picture of the day due to exhaustion. Lol


I had dinner in Market! Market! And I totally forgot how crowded that place is almost all the friggin time. I actually felt hungry because of that. Haha! During dinner, I made a new friend with this guy from Davao who just graduated last March from college (just like me!). The resto was so crowded that I had to ask if we could share the table. We talked about college, work, our courses, and, well, how I learned to use chopsticks (I’m not kidding). He’s also Atenean, by the way, from Davao. Coolness.


3 thoughts on “The Fort Adventure

  1. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a “tourist-y” blog post of an urban area here. πŸ˜€ Super cool. S3 for camera? And aww, where was dinner? πŸ™‚

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