If I Were to Wear Audrey’s Clothes

I’ve always wanted to write an article about how to wear Audrey’s outfits in a more modern way, but I realised that it’s too cliche. Also, I’m gonna have a hard time looking for the outfits that I have in mind since there are a lot of brands out there. But what really made me think twice on writing that article is the fact that there’s nothing wrong with Audrey’s outfits. Yeah she used to wear gloves and we rarely see that now, but aside from that, all her outfits are still wearable.

Because I can’t think of anything to do with Audrey’s outfits, I drew them instead. Lol

You all know this outfit. Classic. I tried to make a modern version of it (no gloves, shorter dress lol) but, of course, the original still looks better. HAHA I know Holly Golightly was not exactly a role model, but it is possible to wear this without looking indecent, I mean, not a lot of people know what Holly G is in the movie. Anyway, I see this as a formal dinner date kind of outfit.


This one’s Audrey’s outfit in Roman Holiday, that part when she was pretending to be a commoner lol. My drawing looks nothing like Audrey’s outfit, but that’s because I drew an outfit that’s patterned after the original one. See, this is how I would wear it.


It was love at first sight with this picture (left pic of course). The very first Audrey Hepburn picture in my life. I remember seeing it in a magazine, and I just had to know who she was. I think I was just 10 then. Ladies and gentlemen, the very picture that made me love her… And I just ruined the outfit in my drawing. HAHA Sorry.


I’ll try to draw as many outfits as possible, and I hope that I won’t ruin them in the process. Haha And yeah my watermark is crappy and useless since it’s so easy to delete and who the eff would steal my drawings anyway.

Those pictures of Audrey were just googled; they’re obviously not mine.


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