5 Things I Miss About School (And Why I Shouldn’t Be Missing Them)

Since it’s the I-passed-insert-school-here Season (aka everyone talking about their entrance test experience), this post will be about school. I’m so jealous of undergrads since they still get to enjoy college. I’m excited for the incoming freshies as well. Personally, college is the best part of my student life, though I know a lot of people would say otherwise.

5. Long Breaks

In college, breaks are usually longer because you get to modify your own schedule and choose your own classes. This means you can go anywhere (as long as your break time permits it), and so, you’re not limited to cafeteria food for lunch (which is usually the case in high school, unless you bring your own food). It’s ideal for people who have other activities on the side like org stuff, Student Council meetings, and even outside school activities.

The Catch:

While it is very convenient for you to use your long breaks for studying, it is often times brutally boring to have them longer than your classes for that day combined. There are a lot of urban legends about doing something just for the sake of saving one’s sanity during long, boring breaks. One account tells of a person who had a 7-hour break in between classes. I assume he didn’t have to study (or maybe he did but 7 hours was just too much), so he went to the nearest mall and watched all the movies that were shown then (maybe even the ones he’s already seen.. and weren’t good. cue gasp) but still had enough time to bum around.

Also, it wouldn’t be surprising but overly unbearable to find out that you and your friends have different breaks.

4. Freecuts

It’s good to have freecuts once in a while especially when you need to finish a project, you need to study for an exam, or if you just need more time to sleep. It’s also a good excuse to miss class without having to count that as a cut. Also, who wouldn’t be happy with a freecut when your professor is as boring as fuck?

The Catch:

Remember your syllabus? If you lost it and don’t remember how it looks like, it contains all the details of your course/subject, complete with a gantt chart if your professor isn’t lazy. Those dates are scheduled assuming your professor is present all the time (except if they scheduled something way beforehand) so if your prof grants you freecuts almost every week, then expect that your class will be delayed and your professor will hurry things up while you sit there trying to understand your psych-turned-german lesson.

3. Boy-watching

I don’t think this needs an explanation. HA HA HA

The Catch:

Yeah it’s a feast! But only for your eyes.

2. Getting A’s

If, in high school, you’re so used to getting perfect scores without even opening your book, well, then good for you, but sorry to burst your bubble, because in college, it’s failing that you have to get used to. Your record might be tainted, but it’s okay; everyone gets an F once in a while (with the exception, of course, of pure geniuses). Given this, getting an A is a legit reason to drink until you get drunk (and then fail again).

The Catch:

Let’s face it. Unless you’re a genius who really does his/her homework and gives what the professor wants, you don’t always get A’s.

1. Friends

They’re the reason why you still go to school. Sure, your parents are paying for your tuition, but failing your exams, being humiliated by your professors, and embarrassing yourself in front of your crushes or random strangers will be unbearable without your friends. Basically, college is unbearable without friends. Imagine being given so much freedom and all you do is spend it with yourself? Abuse it with your friends! If in high school you were a so-called loser that everyone avoids, don’t sweat. I remember my friend said college is where everyone gets a new slate, and I believe in that. High school is so different from college; although college isn’t perfectly different, you can expect people to be a bit more mature.

The Catch:

Your friends can drag you down. They are the reason why your parents are very protective of you (even if you are actually the source of crazy things to do). These people can successfully convince you that you shouldn’t study too hard and that it’s perfectly okay to watch a movie or party until you get wasted before exams. But, you know, that’s actually the best part. 😉

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