Seph has been demanding me to upload this embarrassing video on Facebook for days now but I couldn’t muster the confidence to upload it there so I decided to upload it here. Unfortunately, the only application that could make that happen is videopress, and as you all know, it is not for free, so I thought of uploading it in Vimeo. I opened my vimeo account and found random videos from, well, the past. I was only able to upload four videos: the first video was shot roughly eight years ago; the second one has Suzy in it; the third video, I can use to blackmail Timmie (loljk I would never do that); and the fourth was my project for some class in college.

I remember making that video. I honestly thought that that class was pretty useless, but I took that project seriously (maybe I was failing that class. That, I don’t remember HAHA). Anyway, the first plan was to make a statement shirt, which was pretty much everyone’s idea back then. Statement shirts were very popular back then, until now, I suppose, but it was more popular that time. I could not think of a witty line, and I was too lazy to buy a shirt and make my own stencil. The thing is, I hate projects — projects that consist of arts and crafts. Well, just the crafts parts, the art, I can handle. I’d rather write papers than make something from scratch. Seriously. But I really wanted to make a good impression in this class, though, I don’t remember why (probably because my crush was my classmate. Haha i’m kidding. But he was.. ANYWAY). The next idea that sprung out of nowhere was to make a game. Okay, I thought I could do a simple game in less than 24 hours, so I installed applications that I thought, could help me create games. That, my dear friends, did not happen. No surprise there. So instead of making a statement shirt, or a simple game, the result of my eureka moment, which came to me at the right time (around 10 hours left, counting sleeping and travel time), was this masterpiece. I call it MY masterpiece. You don’t have to think it’s a masterpiece:

The Earth That Was from celina durante on Vimeo.

So, no. I’m not gonna show you that embarrassing video. Not yet. Haha

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