Skyline Drive

You might not know this since I haven’t written anything about it, but I’m a Mae fan, though I haven’t listened to any of their songs for months now. You see, I used to listen to them almost everyday. I stopped because I didn’t want to get tired of them. They haven’t made new ones due to their (hopefully temporary) hiatus so there’s nothing new to listen to.

I “rediscovered” them again thanks to Cesar’s iTunes library, and decided to listen to their songs that I rarely listened to since my favorites were my number one priority back then. After listening to all the “other” Mae songs (take note that I love them all, so when I pertain to them as “other”, it just means that they weren’t one of my favorites back then), this, I deliberately put on repeat.

Sometimes I run, but I’m not afraid.
Why must you bring up all mistakes that I’ve made?
She makes me smile, then you come around.
The wind in her hair reflects the sunset I see.

You make it seem like it was yesterday.
But we’ve come a long way out of the rain.
Can’t seem to figure out what happens after this.
Why can’t I?

Why must you say I made a mess out of things?
I won’t believe it.
Tonight feels right like I’m dancing on air.
I’ll make it right, I’ll make it right.
Pull over to the station and fill up on fuel.
And what will I do?

Sometimes I drive or ride with my eyes closed tight
because if the skyline looks this way then I don’t want to sleep tonight.
Never giving up, always seeking light,
we must always try, try with all our might.

If you don’t know this song, then, tant pis. LOL Kidding, I found a cute video online, if you wanna listen to the song. It’s called Skyline Drive, from the Destination: Beautiful album. I have to warn you that it’s a bit sad– well, at least the melody is. So if you’re already depressed, don’t listen to it. Or, I don’t know, maybe it’ll make you feel better?


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