He says it’s better On the other side Where it freezes where you stopped Perpetual bliss if you may A vast land of wildflowers Or autumn leaves He says it’s better On the other side Where we can roam around Without restrains Without limits Without boundaries Where everything is certain Where everything stays it’s better […]


Seph has been demanding me to upload this embarrassing video on Facebook for days now but I couldn’t muster the confidence to upload it there so I decided to upload it here. Unfortunately, the only application that could make that happen is videopress, and as you all know, it is not for free, so I […]

Skyline Drive

You might not know this since I haven’t written anything about it, but I’m a Mae fan, though I haven’t listened to any of their songs for months now. You see, I used to listen to them almost everyday. I stopped because I didn’t want to get tired of them. They haven’t made new ones […]