I would like to believe that I’m artsy, too

So yeah, I told you about my stylus right? It’s the best thing that I bought this week. lol Well, I’ve always wanted a tablet (not necessarily an iPad) since forever because I really want to doodle. You see, I’m a frustrated artist (writer/photographer haha!), so, basically, doodling is one way of practicing my artistic skills (or lack thereof).

When I was in high school, our home economics teacher taught us how to make clothes from scratch. I really loved that lesson because I secretly wanted to be a fashion designer (well until now, so you can say I’m also a frustrated fashion designer/stylist HAHA). She taught us how to sketch just like how fashion designers sketch their designs (it made me giddy whenever I see the sketches of fashion designers in the papers and find out that we sketch the same way, though, of course, they’re way better). Our teacher taught us only the basic stuff, of course, which explains why I only know the basic stuff. (haha) I never really practiced, though, I still remember how to do it! 🙂

This is the first drawing/sketch I did with my stylus. Of course, she has to be the first. Haha


I just think that I need to remind you that I AM NOT GOOD AT DRAWING. So please don’t laugh at my drawings. haha!

I wanted to sketch more so I decided to sketch more Audrey Hepburn stuff, but I couldn’t remember the details of her other outfits in her other movies. Some were extremely intricate, like in My Fair Lady, though I tried haha (but I won’t show you because it’s embarrassing) so I gave up. I will try again some other time. In the meantime, I’ll show you my sketch of what I was wearing yesterday because it was relatively easier to draw and because I’m too shy to post an actual picture.


And no, my hair is neither red nor straight, though I really wanna be a redhead. I tried to make it wavy, I don’t know what happened. haha

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