Purple Sky

Just like all the other kids, I used to draw a lot. I don’t know why, but I even thought I was good at it. When I fell in love with writing, I started to mix it with drawing by making comic books. I remember selling them to my classmates who were willing to pay for them. They weren’t expensive; one book would only cost you twenty pesos. Not expensive for something done for a month, in between and during classes.

I even took painting lessons with my sister because I really enjoyed it. But, just like all my other talents that I regret not nurturing, I lost it. Haha I can still draw, okay haha but I’m just not good at it.

So, anyway, I bought a stylus for my iPad today so I can draw properly. I’ve been downloading so many apps (I swear, I need an intervention! haha) for drawing/sketching, but I couldn’t use them properly (I’ve been using my finger to draw stick people lol). Needless to say, but I’ll say it anyway, I’ve been using the stylus to draw all day. Hihi

Here’s my second drawing for the day:


It’s a kiddie drawing, yes. I told you, I’m not good at it haha but they say a painting/drawing/sketch etc, gives you a glimpse of the artist who made it. If you can decode this drawing, then, good job. You’d know what’s happening inside my Dionysian mind. Lol. This has been my state for a few months now, and I’m still not sure if it’s just a phase. Whether it’s a permanent state or just a phase, what’s important is that it makes me productive– it makes me write and draw. Two talents that I swear I shouldn’t have taken for granted. A blessing in disguise, perhaps?


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