Lolita (09.06.12)

Juju’s been telling me about this pizza place in the Fort. I asked for the name of the resto, and he said it’s called Lolita. I remember laughing when he told me that. I thought, who would name a resto Lolita? That definitely made a mark, so when we finally had the time to go on a date at High Street, I kept in mind that we were going to a place called Lolita. I was looking for the Lolita sign when I saw a resto called Nolita. Turns out, that’s the pizza place Juju was referring to. He didn’t know it was called Nolita. Either that or it didn’t register because he loves lolitas hihi

Nolita serves big ass pizzas per slice. They serve other stuff there, too, like burgers, but people go there for the pizza. Well, at least most of them do.

Lol Juju looks constipated.


Yeah, I went on a date with my driver hahahaha he bought a hot chocolate drink at Slice (forgot what it’s called), and it was super duper good. At first I thought it was a rip off because it was small. We did not know it was a hot drink; Juju wanted a frappe, i think. It’s similar to Xocolat’s chocolate drink except it’s not as expensive. Maybe Xocolat’s is better, but I wouldn’t know (haven’t been to Xocolat in years 😦 and it was just in front of my college dorm lol)


I wanted froyo for dessert since I missed it so much. I stopped eating froyo ever since the milk tea trend killed it. Juju doesn’t like yogurt. I remember convincing him to try the yogurt drink I bought from this certain persian food place. I was surprised he didn’t like it. I think he’s the only person I know who doesn’t like yogurt. I still find it weird hahaha but oh well, my friends think I’m weird too because I don’t like marshmallows.

Anyway, we were the only ones at White Hat that time so it wasn’t embarrassing to camwhore hahaha!



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