07.13.12 Scarlet Fever Fridays (Friday the 13th)

It’s been forever since I’ve “partied” with my friends so I invited them to Scarlet Wine Lounge at the Fort Strip to party and finally see each other! I convinced Kriz to celebrate his birthday there with us (a month late) although he already celebrated it with his other friends. I also invited my officemates, and of course, the String Quartet of Evil and Associates minus Timmie and Sam. It was a fun night. It was like throwing my own party (and some actually thought I was celebrating my birthday).

Only a few people know about Scarlet, so the most asked question was “Where is that?”. I just found out about it recently, actually, but it’s such a pretty place. As the name suggests, the whole place is.. Scarlet. It’s not a big place, but it’s really comfy inside. They have good food, too!

I didn’t have a camera with me so the following pictures, which do not contain food or anything about Scarlet except the fact that we were there, are all from Julienne.

The Triumvirate of Evil 

Yep, that’s what you call us. HAHA Marie’s my officemate so I’m always with her, but that guy in the middle, damn, I miss him (her haha)

My beloved friends! I haven’t seen them in months (or weeks, I’m not really sure but it feels like forever)! I’m so glad they all agreed to come! We weren’t complete though because Vida didn’t want to go (She can’t drink. I told her she didn’t have to but she said it’s pretty useless to go and not drink. LOL, my friends are alcoholic).

That guy with Seph is Marie’s boyfriend. His friends (and Kriz’ friends) were there also. The more the merrier 🙂

Douche/Duck Face

We were mocking people who pose like that. (Lol defensive)

It was pretty tiring considering I had to entertain my college friends and my office mates in one party, but I really had fun. At first I was scared because they might not enjoy the party (especially my office mates since IDK, maybe they’re not the party type?) but i think they did (my office mates and college friends). It was pretty intense, actually. My office mates stayed until closing time — the bouncers actually had to ask them to leave. HAHA

Really fun night, except for a few mishaps, but overall, it was great!

Special thanks to my ever supportive and guapo boyfriend, Le Juju, for everything ❤



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