06.28.12 | 06.30.12 (Late Post)


Happy 7th, Juju! ❤

Before you judge us, I just want to let you know that we don’t really celebrate monthsaries. I guess it’s just an excuse for us to spend more time together and pig out. But whatever, I don’t care if you judge. lol

Since I miss the String Quartet of Evil and Associates, we had lunch at Tempura Grill, just across our office building. We weren’t complete, but that’s okay. Makati’s too far, anyway. The only ones who came were Marie, Vida, Timmie, and moi.

We stayed for only an hour because we had work which is really sad considering the fact that we don’t hang out anymore. I mean, yeah Marie and I are officemates, Timmie’s just next door, and Vida and I are practically neighbors (I’m exaggerating) but it’s not the same. We missed the other members of the SQE&A (Sam, Phil, Pat, and Seph) so yeah, it’s really not the same. It’s harder to plan these days.

It was a Japanese day for me since I also had Japanese (and Korean) for dinner c/o Juju. We had dinner at Yakimix since I wanted buffet (We all love buffets) and I was craving for Salmon Sashimi. He treated me not because it’s our monthsary (see, we don’t celebrate monthsaries), but because he’s a legit teacher now! Woot! :3

I chose this blurry picture because I look fat in the other picture. hehe

Yeah we (or maybe just me) were too excited, no one, as in NO ONE except for the people in charge of that place, was there yet. It was actually my first time in Yakimix. It’s funny because it’s probably one of the mainstream buffet places in Manila (I don’t mean that in a bad way).

No pictures while eating because eating is sacred.


This is one of the most exciting days of my life. HAHA kidding, but it was exciting. I know it’s normal for people to just dye their hair —  it’s pretty common. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one in Manila who hasn’t dyed her hair yet. It’s a first for me and also for Juju since he’s the one dyeing my hair.

The hardest part is not the dyeing itself. Actually I wouldn’t know because Juju did that HAHA But I really had a hard time looking for the dye itself. Juju suggested Dark Violet, and while I was looking at pictures, I thought maybe it would look good. Dyeing my hair is part of my bucket list though I wanted loud colors such as bright pink or blue, and I thought of only dyeing some parts. Dyeing my hair with loud colors requires that I have my hair bleached but that would be too expensive.

It was a horrible search for that Dark Violet dye, but I’m glad I found it. ❤

But I don’t have the exact photo because I erased it. /fail Sorry. Anyway, that girl with violet hair was on the box of the hair dye I bought. Just her, the other girls weren’t there.

If you can’t imagine Juju as a hair stylist, here are pictures:

Yep. He took it a little too seriously. So adorbz. :3

My hair wasn’t really dark violet after I had it dyed; it was more reddish-brown than violet. We realised that my hair was, indeed, very black. At least we know that we have to bleach it next time if we want it to be violet.

Afterwards we went to Eastwood and shopped. It was our very first legit Shopping Date together. So many firsts in just one week! 🙂

All photos were taken with my Blackberry so please excuse the crappy quality. 🙂


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