Miss Hepburn’s Birthday! 5.4.12 (Late Post)

Since I love Audrey Hepburn so so much, I decided to celebrate her birthday. By default, I should be celebrating with Seph since we’re both Audrey lovers, but now that I’m working and I’m so far away from that “hot bitch” (Garcia, 2000-something), I was thinking of celebrating it on my own. But since it’s tradition and half of my life revolves around her, I thought it would be best to celebrate it with my boyfriend. And so I did.

I had no idea how to celebrate it, so I thought that maybe I could just dress up as her in any of her movies. I wanted to dress up as Holly Golightly (you know, that famous black dress.. and then have breakfast in front of Tiffany & Co. but we don’t have that here in the Philippines and I can’t wake up extra early for that), but I don’t have a khaki/brown trench coat and that pretty black dress, and Juju can’t dress up as George Peppard (the leading man in the movie) because he doesn’t have GP’s clothes either so we just dressed up.. as normal people.

Aww my leading man. ❤ We tried to look formal just to emphasize that it’s a special day. Go ahead and judge if what Juju’s wearing is normal. (HAHA LOLJK i kill you.)

The only thing we did was have dinner together. We didn’t have time for other things (movie, etc) since I had to go home early, but that dinner made my day. I’m glad Juju considers Audrey’s birthday a special day (or yeah maybe he was just trying to please me when he said that :O )

Maybe next year I can dress up as Gabrielle van der Mal.


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