Feel Good Post

That’s my office cork board — inspiration-filled cork board. Hihi Well, I didn’t have a choice. Juju wanted me to post our pictures there. HAHA Just kidding! But he also has copies of all of those (except his solo pic) so he could put them on his office desk, too, because we’re cheesy like that.

Anyway, I can’t believe I’m already working. I remember talking to Juju about work, and it felt so surreal. Yeah, we’re not getting any younger… especially Juju. LOL I’m not saying I hate work. So far, everything’s okay. It’s just really different. And yeah, of course that’s normal. No more studying for me… at least for a couple of months. I’m not used to studying either. I stopped studying months before graduation. I just couldn’t anymore. But I miss school. But god, there are so many things I want to do in my life, but there are also so many things stopping me from achieving them (actually, I’m just too fucking lazy. loljk)

One good thing about work that I really love? Less time with my family (specifically Mother. Now don’t you dare judge because you do not know anything). Heaven for an escapist like moi. That also means less time with Juju and my friends, though, but we’ll find a way. It’ll be a little hard, but there’s always a way. Soon, all of my friends will be working, too (or engage in delaying tactics). Grown up stuff. Exciting! (Not)

Though I’m okay with work and everything else (except family shit), I’m scared of getting stuck in routine. I hate the routine. I remember reading a Coelho tweet saying something similar to “change is dangerous but routine is fatal” and I believe that. So right now I’m trying to look for ways to experience something different everyday. It makes life interesting.


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