Good Morning, Starshine

I hate morning people.

I always tell my friends, who are like me — not a morning person –, to never trust a morning person. Of course I have morning people as friends, but why they actually have the energy to wake up at such an early time yet still be perky is beyond my comprehension. Yes, you probably think that I hate them because I do not understand them, and you know what they say about people who hate things they don’t understand.. But mind you, I hate them not because I don’t understand them but because they’re perky. And fuck you, sleep is good.

But this morning, I had the opportunity to go to the office at around 6am. Usually, no one is around (the office) during that time, but I didn’t mind, really. I had to be there (don’t ask why), and therefore I didn’t have a choice. I got dropped off at Ayala Avenue. I needed to eat because I was so damn hungry, so I walked to the nearest Jollibee (which was on the other side of the street so I had to use the underpass which was never really a problem for me except, in the wee hours of the day, the escalators aren’t working. You know how it went because P.S. I hate stairs). I was still sleepy and a bit groggy but the unexpected workout woke me up and of course, thank god for food.

Despite the grogginess and the good-for-nothing escalators, I found the city very beautiful. It was not hot nor cold. The weather was perfect (but short-lived, it’s probably only until 7am). The streets weren’t congested with cars. It was like waiting for everyone to wake up. I took pleasure in walking (except for the stairs part. I just HAVE to stress that.) Amazing. It actually made me think that maybe, juuust maybe, it would be great to be a morning person for a change. (JUST MAYBE, OKAY. Or, sometimes.)

But the best part of my day? I spent part of my morning with Juju. ❤


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